Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Famosa Resort 11-12 December

Menurut saudara Sazni, Encik Tom mengajak kita untuk reunion di A Famosa pada tarikh yg tertera di atas.

oleh itu, aku nak post gamba2 A Famosa punye water park kat sini supaya korang akan rase nak g.

turun gelongsor air

gelongsor yg bakal dirosakkan oleh tajmil dan fahmi (perosak2)

rumah tajmil di atas air (tuanku)

dan macam2 lagi gelongsor2 dan air2 serta bbq yg akan diadakan (ye ke x ni aku main bantai je)
sape2 nak g roger encik tom dan boleh juga kompemkan kat sini
sape2 taknak g tu, kene g gak. kalo x, godai. thanx

aku yg kacak ni nak g

Friday, November 5, 2010

Under Construction

Yes, as the title suggest, this blog is still under construction as I am still trying to find material, suggestion, writers, programmers and many more to make this blog an official web for SMSS05. This blog was not supposed to make it public yet, but due to ma lack of knowledge in IT and as such i doesnt know how to make it private,pardon me, hence this post.

If by any unfortunate event that you are reading this post,do not fret, you can head out to my other blog TRYINGTOBEHONEST.BLOGSPOT or any other SMSS05 from the blog list in the right hand side.
 Thank you for your time here in this blog and Ill be sure to make it better in the future.

New update
I need authors for this blog, if u feel like u want to contribute, send me ur email on facebook and ill make u as an author to this blog, its open only for SMSS05.